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I have decided to put up a fanfiction page. Here are the guidelines.
1) No Slash! None whatsoever! I cannot tolerate it, so I am not going to post any.
2) I do not accept NC-17 if it is rated that way for sexual content. I will accept it if it is rated that on account of bloody scenes.
3) I will also not accept it if it has a severe use of language.
4) Send me your fics at I will read each one, so do not think you can get around it. That's it for now...

Beyond This World

**Completed and Thoroughly Revised** A Legolas and Gimli fic set LONG after Return of the King in the Undying Lands. Baically, a tale of the ultimate end to the Fellowship. No real action, but lots of angst!
Written By: Thundera Tiger
Do not take with out permission!
Rated:Pg-13 For gut wrenching angst. Angst/Drama (you might need some tissues!)

While the Ring Went South

What happened after the Fellowship left Rivendell but before they came down off Caradhras? Mainly concerns the playfulness of a certain elf and dwarf! ;)
Written By: Thundera Tiger
Do not take without permission!
Rated:Pg Humor/Action/Adventure

The Archer

Why did Legolas choose to become an archer? And how did he get so good at it? Legolas child-hood fic
General PG For Slight (very slight) Angst
Written By: Rosalia
Do Not take without permission!

~*~Until we meet again~*~