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For those of you who are bored enough to want to know about little ol' me, this page is for you!

This might come as a suprise to you (if you've realised I prefer the books), I never actually read LotR before seeing the movie. Well, that's not true. I had read it in first grade, but all I remember thinking was "Wow, that was good!" (don't ask, my reading skills are "above normal *rolls eyes*). Anywho, I was going with a friend, and I had wanted to see "Kate and Leopold". She wanted to see "The Lord of the Rings". I had been waiting to see "Kate and Leopold", so I put up a little bit of an arguement. She was persistent, and I was tired, so we saw Fellowship. As we were watching, at about the middle of the movie, my friend nodded to this guy on screen and said, "That's my favorite character." I nodded, and went back to watching the movie. As I watched her sit on the edge of her chair, dreamy eyed, I realised she liked this guy. "You think he's cute, don't you ?" She blushed, and it became evident that I was correct. "Aw... you've got a crush on an elf." And we can only guess who that elf was. For the slow ones, it was Legolas. I smiled and turned back to the screen. I quickly found myself drooling and nearly falling out of my chair. From then on, I was hooked. I got the books and I read them, and I realised what a passion I had for LotR, the books in particular. And then I realised that I was in love. With Legolas, a fictional character of all people. I found this on a website (and I know, this is an Arwen site, but I can't resist proclaiming my love) entitled "Legolas, my Legolas." :
"   And when they finally introduced Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of the Great Wood, my heart was lost. Here had I found perfection indeed. He was not so old and wise as Elrond, Galadriel, or Glorfindel,
noble though they were. The gap did not seem so large nor unbridgable. Yet he was fair and brave and
skilled with bow and blade; no stranger to battle and hardship, yet retaining all the qualities that had
brought me to love the elves. Legolas loved beauty in all things that surrounded him, especially the
trees and forests. He sang to the trees and loved them as if they were Elves or men, and was almost    
childlike in his enthusiasm when he came to the eaves of L
órien and saw the golden
mallorn in all its
 The wood of Fangorn fascinated him, and he held no fear of it in his heart. He walked among treesand grass and hill. He drew his bow and whipped arrow from quiver with a sudden swiftness native to felines. The ability to be very still and at peace and suddenly at the slightest hint of danger, to become all rapid swift grace. He loped across hills and plains with impunity, his body never tiring as his mind 
took rest in the manner of his people, wandering in
different lands. In sleep, his eyes do not close, as
is also after the manner of elves. And while I cannot deny that it might be a little startling, I also cannot deny that my heart beats for him in a way that it never did for anyone on this earth. 
This is in all probability, what they call an 'unhealthy obsession'. And isn't it strange that I have never felt a hint of this for all my boyfriends in real life?
I am also obsessed with History, I'm American (and proud of it!), though I have TONS of British blood in me (Go England!). My favorite (non LotR related) quote was made by my uncle... "If I knew then what I know now, I'd rule the world." My favorite quote made by a famous person is made by Mark Twain : "Man is the only animal that blushes-or needs to." My favorite LotR quote is " He stands not alone. You would die before the stroke fell." Book three of The Two Towers, Chapter 2 (?) "Riders of Rohan". Well, if I think of anything else really interesting, I'll add it on! Namarie!

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