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"The hobbits wondered if you would come."

"Did they? Why is that?"

"Is it so unusual? I wondered myself. To forsake paradise and blissthat was a heavy decision, my friend."

"No heavier than the one you made to journey with me away from your home and kindred."

"In that you are greatly wrong. I did not have the option of living forever as you did. It was a choice of spending my last days in familiar surroundings or with familiar company. For some reason unfathomable to me, I chose to be with you."

"If it is any comfort, I am equally puzzled by the fact that I requested your company. Still, I cannot say that I regret the decision. I became a source of great wisdom for others. Many desired to know how stunted creatures like yourself could have ever survived the long ages of Middle Earth."

"Are they not baffled by their own survival?"

"How can one be baffled by superior skills and knowledge?"

"Arrogant as ever. It will yet be your undoing. You should not have come."

"You tire of me already?"

"I tired of you the moment I met you. But you should not have come. You should have remained with your people."

"You are my people. You and the others. What greater friends and what greater kindred could I have wished for?"

"Ithank you. That means much to me."

"In any case, I could not leave you alone. You would immediately find your way into trouble, and without my assistance, you would be helpless to find your way back out again."

"Hmm. I fear my memory of older days grows faint. Remind me again who accidentally started a fire in the basement of Minas Tiriths citadel by knocking a torch into an aging barrel of wine during the festival of the New Year."

"I believe that was Faramir."

"Faramir might have been in the vicinity, but he was not raiding the wine cellar where the fire began. I believe he was with me looking for you. And it was through our craftiness and sleight of hand that we managed to get you back to Ithilien and safely hidden before Aragorns wrath could descend."

"Aragorn was impressed by the speed with which I contained the fire."

"Aragorn was furious that a dress hed ordered made for Arwen had gone up in smoke. It was nearly a year before his anger cooled enough for you to set foot west of Anduin. He believed you would come here."


"Yes. He asked why you were not accompanying me when I first arrived."

"I was lost, for a time. But I found my way in the end."

"So you did. Shall we join the others? They await us."

"Lead on, Gimli, son of Glóin. Let us bring the Fellowship together once more."

"This way, then, Legolas, son of Thranduil. And though you should not have come, I am glad you did."

"You speak for us both, elvellon. Come, let us go. Eternity may lie before us, but it would not do to keep the others waiting. Boromir was never a patient man."

"He has not changed, I assure you."

"Then we had best not try his temper. Thank you for waiting, Gimli."

"Thank you for coming."

"I could do no less for you."

"Nor I for you. It seems we are fated to journey together until the end of time."

"What a discouraging thought."


"It does not seem long enough."

"Ah. No, I suppose it does not. Still, I do not doubt I shall weary of your presence ere we even reach the others."

"And I am already weary of yours, Gimli. And I shall gratefully be weary of it forever."

"So long as I can be weary with you."

"Who am I to speak against fate? Come. Let us be weary together, my friend."

"For all eternity and beyond all worlds, Legolas. I am glad I will be able to share it with you."

"As am I, Gimli, dearest and greatest friend. As am I."



The End



~*~Until we meet again~*~