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*You tear my heart. I am broken. I lie alone without you. I am but half of me without your loving soul entwined with mine. I am lost. You have suffocated me, taken what I have and not returned it .I am afraid. I am lost. My soul has died.*

Serondai lay motionless between the dark evergreen trees surrounding Rivendell, gazing up wistfully at the lustrous stars with her two hands beneath her head. There was a quiet bubbling on her left from a silver stream snaking its way between the towering trees flowing into a small, glistening waterfall. There was an almost silent chirping of crickets in the wild olive coloured grass where tiny flowers bloomed in summer covering the ground in a blanket of colours. It was currently winter, and there were white and pale yellow buds on the trees above her, reminding the young girl of home.

She stretched out an arm to caress a delicate baby pink flower, rubbing the cool, moist petals between her fingertips. She picked up the lingering fragrance in the air and breathed the poignant scent in, savouring it while it lasted. Closing her eyes, she drifted into a dream about her mother. The image of her face was clouded; distorted into a terrifying shape. She's was no longer something comforting or soothing. She had become a monster. A shadow of her past.

She woke with a start, sensing movement a few feet behind her and sat up, her heart hammering at her chest. Gathering her belongings in her arms, she threw them carelessly into her rucksack and stood, throwing it onto her shoulder. She heard rustling behind her and she span immediately.

"Who's there?!" she said in a raised whisper. She received no reply. A little louder, taking a step forward she shouted, "show yourself!" Still no reply. Regaining her courage, she stood tall and inhaled deeply, "I demand you show yourself, or you will suffer the consequences."

A pale elegant hand pulled back a head-high branch to reveal a face with two penetrating blue eyes and a pair of soft, light pink lips curved into an embarrassed smile.

"Prince Legolas?" Serondai said, squinting through the dim light. The elf appeared out of the shadows, "you frightened me."

"I apologise for alarming you," he said, gazing at her intently, "it was not my intention."

"What brings you here in the middle of the night?" Serondai chuckles, giving the blonde elf a warm smile. He smiled as if in reply, jogging a little before falling into step beside her.

"I could very well ask you the same," Legolas laughed, "I am not sure what Lord Elrond would say if he knew you were sneaking about in the woods late at night." "He does not know," Serondai replied, "and I would rather it stayed that way. Elrond has been somewhat tense lately, and I certainly have no wish to hinder him further."

There is silence, although it is not an uncomfortable one, more a thought provoking stillness.

"I understand there is to be a party in honour of Arwen's return home from Lorien," said Legolas to start up a conversation. Serondai laughed and flicked back her dark hair, sighing from exhaustion.

"Yes, there is."

"You do not sound quite as thrilled as I thought you might," they stopped to face each other several feet from the edge of the trees.

"These occasions can become quite tiresome. There are so many Elves coming and going in Rivendell, these celebrations hardly seem worth the effort anymore."

"But surely if it is for the Lady Arwen you will attend."

"What would be the point? I am paid no attention when she is home. After all, I am not an elf and I am most certainly not family," Serondai fell silent, hurt by her own words.

Legolas pitied her greatly. Her words were true. She had been found by the elf, Glorfindel, when she was merely a child and was brought up in the House of Elrond by Elrond himself. In her short six years of life she had experienced great terror and anguish at the brutal murder of both her mother and father by orcs and also the kidnapping of her elder brother. She still had horrifying nightmares thirteen years later.

"I feel unloved Legolas. Have you any idea how that feels?!" a gentle tear trickled down her supple cheek. Legolas turned and embraced the sad child, holding her tightly to his chest. He stroked her back comfortingly, thinking to himself I know how it feels my dear Serondai. My heart waits for you still............

I am Here Without You

~*~Until we meet again~*~