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Serondai noticed him out of the corner of her eye, roving between the trees, halting every few metres to delight in the sparkling leaves and bright flowers, their colours naturally mixed together as a rainbow without sunlight or rain. She had not seen him before. His ruffled hair reached his shoulders in untidy curls and around his wrists were two tight leather straps. He was clad in a pair of dark boots, trousers which were tucked inside them neatly, and across his chest was another leather strap, but Serondai could not determine its purpose. He didn't seem to notice her, and if he did he made nothing of it. He was a well defined man, his features distinct and unlike any man Serondai had seen, at least not one who dressed in such a rugged manner. His movements were strong and distinguished, like that of a great and noble man, but still he appeared to be endowed with gentleness and had an amazing respect for all things.

Serondai endeavoured to sit quietly and perfectly still as the man drew closer slowly. *What is he doing here? Perhaps he knows the Lord Elrond or perhaps even the twins* she thought to herself, shrinking further back against the tree she was propped up against. The man still drew closer until there was but five feet between them, and still he seemed unaware of her presence.

"Hello," she said, plucking up the courage to speak to the stranger. The man jumped and turned, his eyes wide with astonishment. Cocking his head to the right he smiled.

"Hello young one. You startled me," he replied. His voice was deep and commanding, but with a roughness too, "I have not seen you before so I assume you are the young girl the Lord Elrond took under his wing so many years ago. It is an honour to meet you at last." He bowed.

"Th, thank you," Serondai stuttered, trying to clamber to her feet, "but may I ask who *you* are?"

"I am Aragorn, a Ranger of the North, and you are.Serondai?" he took her hand to steady her and pulled her up with ease. She nodded to him, flushed with embarrassment as he handed to her a white and pale yellow flower in his hand.

"I am sorry to have disturbed you. You were clearly busy."

"Nay, it is clear I have disturbed *you*. Please forgive me for my intrusion."

"Not at all, Aragorn," she said his name with a smile on her lips, noticing how ruggedly attractive he was, "I was only admiring the trees and surrounding foliage, you did not interrupt me. I am waiting for Elladan, that is all."

"Elladan!" he said, grinning, "It has been such time since my eyes have seen him. How is he, and his brother of course?"

"They are both well. I have come to know them both over the past few days, though since their arrival Prince Legolas has been rather more subdued than usual."

"Prince Legolas!!" Aragorn repeated, "my, my! Next you will be informing me that Galadriel and Celeborn are blessing Rivendell with their presence!"

"I fear they are not, but Lady Arwen is here," she regretted speaking of her immediately in her rush to find something to talk about.

"Lady Arwen indeed," he said smiling, drifting into a day dream, "I am eager to see her again."

"You have met her?!" Serondai said, trying to contain her disappointment.

"Why yes I have. She is quite a jewel.the most delicate and beautiful creature in all of Imladris."

Serondai let out a venomous cry, her face red with fury, "goodbye Aragorn!" And with that she turned and fled indignantly, throwing the flower at his feet.


She slammed the door behind her and the noise echoed around the room, making several of the items on Glorfindel's desk shudder. He looked up with surprise, having spilt ink over his page, and watched Serondai cross the room and fall into a chair, almost knocking it backwards. She threw her legs up on the arm and folded her arms sulkily.

"Something wrong?" Glorfindel asked calmly, crumpling up the spoilt parchment and throwing at across his desk.

"No," Serondai snapped, grabbing a piece of hair and beginning to plait it absent-mindedly.

"Are you sure about that?" he questioned further, dipping his quill into the ink.

"What gives you the impression something is wrong!?" she hissed, letting her hair slip from her fingers. She swung her legs to the floor again and then pulled them up next to her chest, wrapping her arms around them tightly.

"I have known you long enough.that and the fact that you slammed that door so hard you nearly broke it into pieces," he placed the quill down and gazed up at her, "so, what *is* the matter?"

"Oh, nothing," she sighed, calming herself down, "I am just overreacting as usual. I am actually quite embarrassed by what I have just done." She frowned, her face red from shame, rather than anger. She retold her account and after she had finished, Glorfindel laughed loudly, shaking his head in despair.

"Oh, Serondai, bless you and your hot head. You have not told me why it is you decided to storm off in such a way however."

"I would prefer not to talk about that if you do not mind Glorfindel."

"If you wish, but you know where I am," he gave her a reassuring smile and returned to his work. Placing her feet on the ground she stood, suddenly realising she was supposed to meet Elladan and dashed across the room again, slamming the door behind her. Glorfindel blinked and gaped at the door after her for a few moments, and then, with an exasperated sigh pushed back his chair feeling he would get no more work done that day.

A Prank and Then Some

~*~Until we meet again~*~