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Legolas wandered into the hall once again to find Teruthiel who, upon spotting him looked rather annoyed, with his arms folded, leaning against the far wall. Legolas trekked over with his head low.

"Sorry Teruthiel," he mumbled, looking out towards some of the other elves in the courtyard who were dancing and merrymaking, "I got distracted."

"By a certain young mortal girl, perhaps?" Teruthiel said to Legolas's surprise, "Oh come now Legolas do not give me such a bewildered look. It is obvious she is the object of your affection." He broke into a laugh, "I do not know why you felt you could not confide in me." It was obvious Teruthiel found the entire situation amusing.

"I did not feel I could confide in anyone!" Legolas snapped, causing a few heads to turn. He lowered his voice, "do you realise what would happen if anyone found out? I would most certainly be mocked and jeered at for the remainder of my time here in Rivendell and I dread to think what Serondai would be put through."

"You think too deeply of things my friend," Teruthiel said, slapping him heartily on the back, "you always imagine the worst scenarios! How do you know you would be mocked, and Serondai may welcome your love.if that is indeed what it is?"

"Do you promise to keep this to yourself!" the blonde elf asked urgently, gripping his friend's arm, "promise me, Teruthiel!"

"Calm down, Legolas. I will not tell a soul, but I can not promise that others will not guess."

"What are you insinuating?!" Legolas asked, a look of desperation in his eyes.

"Well, there *are* some rumours I have heard. You know what elves are like."

"What rumours!!" Legolas cried, his voice faltering, "Tell me Teruthiel!"

"It is nothing to panic about Legolas! I have just heard say that the Prince of Mirkwood is, how should I put it, no longer available?"

"Is that all you have"

"Rumours are rumours! Most of the elves do not believe them, at least the older ones anyway. The younger elves mayhap found it entertaining for a while, but soon tired of it. In the end I doubt they believe it any more than Elrond himself might if he heard."

"But it *is* true!" Legolas hissed, sitting down on a marble bench, "oh what am I to do. This love is driving me to the brink of insanity."

"Perhaps.and this is, may I point out, *just* a suggestion, but perhaps it is worthwhile confiding in Glorfindel. He is full of wise words and counsel they do say," Teruthiel awaited a reaction, wondering if he had stepped out of line by offering such a proposal.

"You may be right Teruthiel," Legolas sighed, flicking back his hair carelessly with a hand, "but how on Middle Earth do you broach such a subject, especially with, not only such a highly thought of elf, but an elf who is so close to Serondai?"

"This I can not answer," Teruthiel replied, smiling, "but I am sure you will find a way. You are after all, the son of Thranduil."

Legolas smiled at the memory of his father. He missed him and his entire family dearly and wrote to them often, although he never spoke of his love for Serondai to them. Only his mother would have understood...

Teruthiel gave him a nudge, "are you listening to me Legolas!?" He glanced up.

"Sorry, I was miles away. I will speak to Glorfindel when I find the opportunity; I only hope he understands..."


"Glorfindel?" Legolas whispered, barely audibly. The door to his chambers was open a crack and the candle light pierced through the darkness out into the corridor creating a shadow behind him where he stood. Legolas heard something being placed onto a wooden surface and so he knocked lightly on the door. Moments later it opened to reveal the old elf himself still in the same clothes as the morning.

"Legolas?" he whispered, "what an unexpected honour this is. What can I do for you at this hour?"

"There is a matter I wish to discuss with you my is quite delicate however and I pray you will keep it to yourself and, if possible, offer your guidance?" Legolas said hopefully.

"Of course my young friend," Glorfindel replied, opening the door further to allow him to enter, "Please, take a seat."

"Thank you," Legolas said sincerely, falling wearily into a chair.

"So, what matter is it you wish to discuss which could not wait until morning," Glorfindel asked, smiling.

Legolas hesitated, musing over whether or not what he was about to do was such a wise idea after all, " is concerning Serondai.I feel I have become." he sighed, thinking, "it is late, maybe I should leave you to yourself," he stood and bowed slightly, "I apologise for troubling you." Opening the door, he dashed into the night and down the hall, without a second glance behind. Meanwhile Glorfindel still gazed through the door in puzzlement before standing himself, and closing the door behind his companion, shaking his head with confusion as he returned to his desk.

"What was that about I wonder?" he said to himself, picking up his quill again, sighing in discontent, "I shall have to find out in the morning..."

A New Face

~*~Until we meet again~*~